Why haven't I heard anything from him?

I met a guy about a week ago and gave him my number 3 days ago. I heard he was excited to talk to me but he only text me a few times the day I gave him my number. I know I didn't say anything to scare him away and it's kind of odd since he was so excited to get to know me. What's going on?

So I texted him and told him the books were waiting on him if he wanted to borrow them and he replied "haha yeah id like to take a look at em" and I told him if he wanted to come get them he could but I haven't heard anything back. What am I doing wrong?!


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  • could be a number of things. maybe he got nervous. maybe he's waiting a few days to see if you try to talk to him, wondering if your actually interested in him or not. couldn't hurt to send a simple "whats up?" text to him. if I were him, I wouldn't be over bearing, but I would at least hollar at you every couple of days at the least. just rememer its only been a week since you met him. he could be shy and like to take things slow. it doesn't sound like he'd hit it off with you like that just to blow you off. did he ask for your number? or did you offer it to him? if your comfortable with it, just text " hi " or "whats up?" , something along those lines. traditionally the guy is supposed to make the first moves in some peoples opinions, but maybe he needs that little boost of encouragement. take a chance and hollar at him, just be casual about it. I suck at relationships but I hope I was of some help. good luck : )

    • Well first he asked his mom to get my number but then it got washed in his jeans so when I saw him the other day he asked me for it again. I was thinking and he said he wanted to borrow some of my Kurt Cobain books I have. Do you think I should text him and ask if he wants to come get them?

    • He wants a book that you have, tell him to come by and get it. that would give you 2 some common ground to meet, or what ever. you could text him, but maybe it would be better if you just called him about it. I don't think it would be akward, givin your reason.after all he asked you about them first. plus if you called, it would give you an opportunity to evolve the subject into something more personal, so to say. if he doesn't answer, leave a messege. it can't hurt. see where it goes.

  • Ok here's some truth, for someone like me I usually prefer to text. I over think everything and I would not want to scare you away. Sometimes guys sit around and plan out a convo. He may just be shy. what does he say in the text messages?

    • We both like Nirvana so we talked a little about them and his Mom and me are really close ( that's how we met) so we talked about that a little and the conversation ended when we both talked about where we went to school.

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    • It wouldn't sound creepy either way. If you guys get to the point where you arre out and talking then bring it up and let him know. There is nothing workng with it. If anything it should make him want you more because you were strong enough to get out of that relationship. If he text you first then he was thinking about you and he is most likely interested but he probably is nervous. just ask him to hang out. you know casually. Don't worry about telling him about your last relationship.

    • K thank you very much! You have been more than helpful and I really appreciate it!

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