Does he like me or is he shy? Am I looking too far into these signs?

So I've liked him for about a month, he started a convo, it was pretty boring just the boring"hey hey how are you good what about you yeah good what are you doing" sort of stuff but hey he started it? Then like two days later he had a like for an inbox status and I liked it and he inboxed me and out of no where gave me his number and I texted him again pretty boring stuff no deep convos but I was happy he gave me his number. That was the last convo he started. I've been starting the rest. Of course I've been smart about it waiting at least 5 days between starting a convo to give him a chance to start it but he doesnt. But he likes all of the selfies i put on Facebook and whenever I have a status about crushes he likes it. For example I had one saying everybody that used to bully me got ugly but I was ugly and got hot he liked that, I had one saying "why have a crush when you can walk into traffic and feel the same" and he liked my one "I could have a million texts if I don't have one from him my phone boring to me" I've been liking his statuses and selfies in return as well. also he sort of asked me 2 come to this place with him (he wrote a status saying he was going there I said I wanna go there and he's like "come!) but it never happened. I think he is shy with girls he doesn't seem to hang with girls much im mates with one of his mates and a year ago he told me about this chick my crush liked who fked him around and was on off with him and then she got a bf so I'm assuming that's probably hurt him a lot and made him more shy. He never use to put stuff in his snapstory but eversince weve been talking he puts stuff everyday but when I look at his snapchat bestfriends some other chick (lets call her a) is always there and for a bit the chick who use to fk him around was there. Also he likes all of As photos.. So do u think he likes me or one of the other chicks. Help
Does he like me or is he shy? Am I looking too far into these signs?
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