Why I'm feeling this ? Am I losing interest in my boyfriend?

I'm going to be 19 next month, and I'm dating my boyfriend for a year now.. He is a really good guy and everything but right now I don't know why I don't feel like I love him I always think of breaking up.. he is really sensitive guy and he is going through lot of things I just don't want to hurt him.. I have no idea why I'm feeling like this.. lately we do argue a lot ... we are on long distance relationship.. he do things that bothers me sometimes like he don't tell me what's going on his day and stuff.. but .. I really don't know what my feelings are towards him .. what should I do? do I not love him anymore? should I tell him?.. he is REALLY sensitive and cry fast etc.. :/ I really don't know... thank you


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  • There could be many reasons why you're feeling like this:

    - Long distance relationships are hard, you can grow apart (no pun intended) very easily.

    - Arguing always hurts a relationship.

    - Dealing with a guy that is more emotional than you can be exhausting and can make you start to resent being with him.


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  • Dump him, he's a guy he'll get over it.


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  • You are getting bored with him. Your not as excited to be with him like you were at the beginning and that can usually happen with one or the other. Someone always grows tired then the other eventually. You got love for him but not your not in love with him like you used to be and you are feeling a disconnection with him. The thrill is pretty much gone and you want to move on but don't know how. Well, all you can do is be honest and tell him how you feel because it is not good to be in a relationship with someone you don't want to be with no more. its not healthy and you won't be happy. right now, your trying to guard his heart from being hurt so your just hanging in there but sometimes, you got to do what's best for you both. He deserves someone who wants to be there and you deserve to be with someone you want to be with. Love comes and goes and we lose some and we win some.

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