Guys, I need a lotta help figuring this one out?

My ex (definitely EX) and me were on and off for lots of years. At first for like four months we were very very happy together every day. He would go out of his way to see me every day, even in it was just for 1 minute to give me a kiss on his way to work awwwwww sweet :)
We have so much in common and crazy chemistry and so much fun together always.
Then one day he leaves me a message I'm just hangin out tonight give me a call. So I did a few times but he never called back. For like a year!
Then out of the blue he's like Hi
And I wanted an explanation so I met him for coffee and he apologized and we ended up not back together but with another chance. A few days lasted he was suppose to pick me up for lunch and never heard from him again for months!
Then out of blue he's back a few. months later. I want an explanation so I talk to him and he's sorry and want it to work. I say I need to know you can be my friend and not blow me off. So we are friends texting almost daily and going out for beers a few times a week but no funny business,. Then after a year of building trust again, were drinking and end up having sex. I tell him we can't have sex because it means something to me and I can't hav him blowing me off again. He says it's different this time. It wasn't. No sign of him again for months!! Then... Rinse and repeat a few more times... He says he's seeing a shrink because he doesn't want to end up alone and has to figure his self out. then it happens again, trust built back up then BAM... then next time i see him out and we end up talking, he tells me crying how im special to him and he wants it to work out and we get togwther a few times for beers and hanging out fun, but Then he blows me off for the last time. But he has some of my stuff at his house. I text for some of back. No reply. Then ff 8 months, today, he texts and asks if I came and got my stuff because it's gone.

1. What is this guys deal?
2. Should I write him back, yes (what to say?) or no
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Guys? Anyone? Bueller?
Guys, I need a lotta help figuring this one out?
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