A drunk mans words, a sober mans thoughts or mind f**king?

I have been best mates with a guy for 6 years... We are very close, I realised I was developing feelings for him but didn't want to ruin our friendship. He is a 'player' and is always in and out of relationships... About 2 years ago he decided we should date as he said he had feelings for me. From his past and our friendship I told him 'no' as I didn't want to loose his friendship but he pursued for a good six months. I eventually gave in and we went on our first date. It was a fab first date and he called me straight away saying this felt so right.
Unfortunately, he then all of a sudden stopped calling and texting which was strange as I hear from him intermittently throughout a day. I knew this was strange and asked him if he regretted the date, he said no but went AWOL. This left me confused. Eventually he said he hooked up with someone else and we quashed what was, I was very hurt. He has since been in relationships and I've continued to be his friend, and recently got ready to move on date too.

Last night we both got drunk to which he explained he wants to give us a try and date. He says he loves me and wants a future, and that it's always been me... The question is, is this jus mind games because he is recently single and can see other men are interested in me or is the alcohol expressing his sober thoughts...
A drunk mans words, a sober mans thoughts or mind f**king?
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