Am I his back-up plan?

so my babies father left me to be with his ex he told me he was still "in-love" with her. However I found out that he regained contact with her 5 months before I had the baby (kept it a secret).

Now this behavior is strange to me if you are still in contact with someone you claim to be "in-love" with why wait 5 month to realize it was love and then he tells me he knew he still had feelings for her when he phoned her informing her had just had a baby with me...he told me the day after he called that he told her that he had a baby because he didn't want her finding out via Facebook, I thought nothing of it as I am not the jealous type.

So anyways he tells me a few weeks after we had the baby the he thinks he's "in-love" with her. So anyways I was in shock because this came out the blue because we were continuing a normal life or so I thought.

Now my problem is he can't seem to let go and when I contact him via text regarding our baby, he insists on calling rather than texting and the only time he texts back is when he has no minute left.

We had an incident recently which I came of holiday and he phoned me stating he had a day off and If I am not busy he will come and get our child in the morning...I had no problem with this and asked him what time he said after 9am I said OK! please don't call b4 9am because I am going out and will be sleeping, that was the end of the conversation.

I jump in the shower and when I come out I see a missed call from him and I call back asking him what he wants...he asked me if I had unpacked, I tell him no, he the says don't I think it's a bit to soon 2 be going out so soon as after I came off holiday. I tell him no and put the phone down.

So cometh the day he come and gets our baby and he asks me hows my friend (this is a friend I got clubbing with most of the time) I say I don't as I have seen or spoken to her since I came of holiday. 20 minute later he comes and ask me if he could ask me a question I say sure he say "who did you go out with last night?" I answered him but was p*ssed as to why a guy who is with someone else feels the need 2 ask about my personal life!

No he glances at me and looks away and I can't understand why he does these things.

Does he have feelings 4 me still?

Does he want to try and keep me as a back-up plan?

Does he regret his decision and doesn't know how to come out this rekindled relationship, so he doesn't look bad and indecisive?

What is his game? Help I'm confused?

He tells me he think about me and he isn't happy, but now when he is happy he now laugh instead of just smiling and when he is angry he gets angry instead of bottle it up.
Am I his back-up plan?
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