Why does he go mute?

I met a man on a dating site maybe a month or two ago. We get along really well, great chemistry, great conversation, sexual attraction, blah blah. He's pretty chatty via text all through out the day. Probably more so than me, but I try to be good about that to make sure I keep showing I'm interested. I could go without the all day texting, but if he talks to me I talk back 90% of the time. We went out once when we first met. Had a ton of fun, all good, blah blah. Well he goes kind of silent afterwards. When I usually hear from him, not much will come the days following the date.

I'm the "if he wanted to call or text me, he would" so I go silent as well. A few days later we get to talking again and it's back to the same chatty behavior. Then about a week later he tells me that his ex-wife is trying to get more out of the divorce so he'll get back in touch with me afterwards. I take this as a blow off and say nothing back. Fast forward to about 3 weeks later, I reach out to him completely out of character for me. He immediately starts talking to me, tells me how happy he is to hear from me and we go out at the end of that week. Now that we went out, the silence returns. I don't get it. I do get if he wanted to talk to me he would, that's my rule. But his other actions and words don't match this behavior.

He's super private, divulged a lot of info to me this last outing. He made plans for us for next week. He makes marriage/honeymoon jokes. He drove an hour and 20 minutes to take me out. Sooo, what's with the silence? He put half the blame, if not more, on me for us losing touch before. He said he assumed I was mad b/c I didn't respond to his text. I told him it sounded like a blow off. He said he could see that, but it wasn't. He's very, "if she wants to talk to me she will" which is true (his words). But clearly he's shown that he will talk to me no problem, so the silence post-date confuses me. Any ideas?
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I agree about boring; I just don't get why he blows me up with texts leading to going out (Ex: "haircut done!" "gym, check!"), then afterwards goes silent. Think it's to make sure I'm not cancelling/disappearing on him?
Why does he go mute?
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