Why do guys make kissing sounds at girls?

I was wearing a top that showed cleavage (it didn't on the model of the website but as I have a c cup, it looks tighter), a long woolen cardigan that covered my ass and jeans.
I perfectly know guys look at girl's boobs, even more if she shows cleavage. I'm not offended at all if they look but I'm a little embarrassed if they stare. But that's ok as long as they don't make me feel bad.

Last time, I was waiting in the corridor at my class' door with friends. Then two guys came, to wait at a door on the other wall, not in front of my door, but they stood right in front of me (even if there was space elsewhere). [One of them was in my class last year but we never really talked, let's call him A. The other I don't even know is B]

They started to look at me, B more than A. But I noticed they avoided eye contact. As they whispered, A was smirking. Then B repeatedly made a kind of kissing sound, looking towards me but never directly into my eyes, at the same time A looked away, smirking, I don't know if he was embarassed or something else.

Days after, B was with another friend, C (who I caught checking out my ass many times), when I walked past them, I saw C whispering to B, smirking. Another time, B was with A, standing in my way. As he saw me coming, B turned to look at me, when I was walking next to them, B turned around again, and as I was going to walk past them, B turned around again to check me out, A smirking to himself.

Now when I see A in the corridors, he looks directly into my eyes (he didn't before) with a kind of mysterious look, not blank but something I can't describe and sometimes he looks away. Another time, he was coming from a corner and immediately looked at me, even after I turned my back (friends told me). Also, one time, he was walking right behind me (it is a coincidence clearly) with another guy than B and I didn't hear whispers or anything bad.

So, why did B make this kissing sound at me? Why does he act like this?
What about A?
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I'm sure I don't overthink, they did that really
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what do you think about it?
Why do guys make kissing sounds at girls?
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