String women along?

Why do men string women along and hurt them, I mean do they go into a relationship wanting to do this? Why do some men do it over and over again? I'm not guy bashing but just players


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  • I'm sort of an ex-player, and with me I was just doing what me "role models" wanted me to do. Some men just want sex, others want to show off that they can have sex with many women. I myself just didn't care about their feelings, I had a girl who did it to me so I just did the same to other women.

    It wasn't till I was older that I realized that I was just feeding into a horrible cycle of people hurting one another.

    But sometimes it wasn't as if I intended to string them along or hurt them, I just didn't think about how they might have been thinking about my interactions with them. I'm not trying to pass the buck or anything but you really have to think if the guy feels the same way about you or is just in it for himself.

    Some guys will actually treat you like your someone special to them and build you up to be their girlfriend and then turn around and dump you once they get what they want or when they get "tired" of you. Those guys are just in it for themselves and are sometimes hard to spot, I think women are really good at doing that, and sometimes you just get burned, the important thing to remember is if someone burns you and you burn someone else your just feeding into a cycle of pain and fire that may one day set our world ablaze. So its important to just nurse your wounds and let go and if your have the ability try to heal others... even if it won't benefit you.


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  • some men use women for the same reason some women use men. the reasons vary but are usually the same for both sexes...

    1. It's fun, it sounds wrong but some people just find it fun to play with other people, it makes them feel empowered, like they have some control in a chaotic world.

    2. Hatred of the opposite sex. they simply hate the opposite sex, and view them as objects rather than people. (I have met women with this view not just men.) and because they view them as objects they use them like they would a tissue.

    3. They are insecure with themselves. deep down they don't think they are good enough for anyone, so they try to prove they are by being with as many people as possible.

    3B. They are in the closet and are trying to cover up their homosexuality (called it 3B cause its the same as 3 but only if they are homosexual.)

    theres more but they vary from person to person but that sums up most of the major ones, and it could be a combination of any of those not just 1

  • A player is someone who specializes in attracting women, woman want them and the player wants women. The player continues to get girls until he meets this one girl that will change him.(make him laugh ..etc..) You should watch the movie Cruel Intentions, its a really good movie about this guy that uses women just to improve his reputation. He slept with hundreds of woman until he found this one girl he fell in love with.

    answer my q


    • I saw that movie it's weird though because it made me want to wait until I got married to have sex. : p But yea that is a great movie it's funny that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan watever ended up getting married, having kids then divorcing bitterly.

  • It's that he wants something from the girl ...I hate to admit it, but I'm a player sometimes and it all about sex that what on every guys mind

    • Lol, this coming from "good boy".....whats a girl to do?! hahaha

    • Lmao ironic isn't it

      and that I don't know


    • Don't you think it's sort of fucked up to mess with someone's head and damage them for life, for a 2 minute orgasm?

  • we arnt players, its just a name for lucky guys with women, why? Because we can... We are awsome, deal with it yaw.


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  • Because they're players. They like using women. They enjoy the feeling. They keep looking for women... until the perfect one walks in his life.

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