How to reject a guy nicely?

there is this guy in my dance class, and he really likes me is quite obvious and my freinds think he likes me too. but I really don't like him, I can't even see him as a freind. I don't know there is just nothing no feelings of affection of any kind at any level for this guy. I mean I think he's very nice and all which is why I wouldn't won't to hurt him when I let him down. so how do you reject someone in a way that gets the point across but doesn't completely sound horrible?


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  • See, the problem is that because people want to be nice in rejection, it never hits the mark.

    I'm not saying be rude, but the focus should be about being direct.

    So say it like this:

    "You are a very nice guy, and you are deserving of someone who will respect and honor that about you. I don't have those types of feelings for you, so thank you for your efforts, but I am not interested."

    It's nice enough, but it's direct, to the point and leaves no room for question.

  • first of all I respect you, not lots of girls give a damn what a guy feels, even if he was nice.

    well, I think you should wait for him to "ask you out" or "tell you that he does"

    then you say "well (name here), you are a very very nice guy, and you deserve the best girl out there. I just want to tell you that I have absolutely nothing towards you, I could say yes and break ur heart, or I could've said no in a very rude way, but I'm trying and I hope you understand that I don't see anything between me and you. and don't ever think that its about you, you are a very very nice guy, its just that I'm not interested"

    give him a hug and say, "hey, lets go practice dancing in class" y'know just anything to make him feel that ur friendly and all that

    *lol that's what I said to almost 6 girls who somehow had the balls to come and ask me out, it always works! good luck

    • I really agree with the first line of this answer. But then I think she should keep it simple, something like '____ you're a nice guy but I don't like you in that way.' If you're sweet about it he should understand and it will let him down fairly gently.

    • 20questions ur right, I just talk a lot and explain a lot. a bad thing in me :) lol

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