Does he like me or was he just drunk?

Okay, so I'm part of a hiking and climbing society at university and the society went to a camping barn for a weekend. anyway, one of the nights this guy and I were cooking food for dinner. he had been drinking for a little while but he still had his witts about him and was still making sensible decisions as far as I could tell. He then suddenly stares at me and moves my hair out of my face when it wasn't even really in my face. later on in the evening he was considereably more drunk and everyone was playing hide and seek in the dark and he was seeking. he found me, held my face in his hands really gently and kissed me on the forhead. then a lot later on we were both pretty smashed and we made out a lot. anyways was he just drunk or does he actually like me?
Does he like me or was he just drunk?
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