Is my professor flirting? (Guys pls answer) ?

First off he's not much older then me. Well it all started when the semester first started where I'd notice little things like him turning and smiling when I'd hand in my homework. Then a few weeks later I went up to him after class and was asking him a question sbout an essay we had to do, there was another girl talking to him but as soon as I said his name he swung around to face me. Then he said I could borrow his boom and he'd bring it the next week. The next week came and he did not give me said book at beginning of class he waited til after class when we were alone. The next time I saw him after that was he when he was giving lecture he kept making eye contact with me at first I was like alright he's my teacher he's suppose to make eye contact but then it lasted forever , where I would look away and then haft to look back cus he was lecturing. Well then when he tried to make eye contact a final time I looked away then he just stood there staring at me until I looked at him and he then smiled! Then the next week he avoided looking at me at all he just snuck glances. The next week was the final where after I was done and handed it In he looks over my paper then looks up and smiles and goes I knew you'd pick that where we were just looking at Eachother In the eye and he had a big grin with teeth showing we maintain eye contact even as I'm walking to my desk to grab my things and we talk a ll more where he's still smiling and I'm smiling then I go to leave and don't even say nothing as I turn to walk out I hear him say " have a good night" so is he interested or am I nuts?
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He gave me an a on a report I didn't put much effort in.
Is my professor flirting? (Guys pls answer) ?
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