Why would he still want to talk to me? Why won't he just let me go?

I have a guy friend that I confessed I liked awhile back but he didn't reciprocate. He said he was not ready to be in a relationship. I told him we couldn't be friends, but he insisted we still be friends. We talk and text all the time since then and still now... Hang out, have a lot in common, friends stuff... I am now dating a guy and everything was going good then my bf started becoming distant saying he needed his space... So my friend and I went and hung out, I started venting about it... drinking. One thing led to another and I wound up sleeping with my friend... We said we loved each other, he told me to leave my guy... And then we spent the night together... He then nudged me in the AM and we had sex again... But then when I asked after, my friend said he didn't mean the things he said and that he was sorry for hurting me. I got super upset and told him that he used me. I waited a few days to respond to my friends text BC he thought I was done with him so he was texting like crazy. I finally told him that it would be best if we didn't text or talk since I am with someone and I need to talk/work it out... if the tables were turned and my guy slept with his gal pal and still wanted to talk to her, I would prob break it off. My friend called me right after I sent that text and said pls don't stop talking, texting me. Just play it by ear, you don't have to tell him we did anything... I'll back off a little bit, but don't stop texting me.
Why won't he just let me be? Let me go? Is it just merely that he doesn't want to lose me as a friend? I just want to try and get over him (my friend) since he obviously doesn't love me like I want him to... And it just complicates things to be around him if I want to move on. What would make him not want to let me go? Could he love me more than he's leading on? Otherwise, why not just let me go... like I'm trying to do?
Why would he still want to talk to me? Why won't he just let me go?
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