Manly protectiveness and making me tea (!) ?

So tonight my crush, his bro, and I watched a horror movie and he joked that he'd die quickly and I said "nah you're pretty fast... I however..." and he said "oh - in that situation I would go around town and look for you and be like - 'there's (my name)!'." (And rescue me/take me with him.) This is the second time he's joked about that (rescuing me/taking me with him) while watching horror movies with me.
He also offered to help me find a good sandwich at the store and even more surprising, when we got to my place to watch the movie -
"If you have a tea kettle... I'll make you the best cup of tea you've ever had in your life."
(I didn't, sadly.)

He's recently been kind of... I don't know, carrying my stuff and bringing me things unasked (straws, spoons, etc.) and sharing drinks/food automatically and wanting to spend a ton of time with me over his vacation. What do you think? Protective/"manly provider" behavior?

by the way he flirts a lot and is always like "don't leave" (our city) - it feels like how he feels toward me has escalated, God willing.
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By the way sorry about the phrase "manly protectiveness" lol - couldn't think of a better way to phrase it.
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I guess my actual question is do you think he's going beyond flirting and starting to act protective, provider-y, etc?
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Just an update because it was really sweet, thank God - the other night I was talking about contacting "whoever" when I was upset and he was like "by whoever... you mean me" (not in the sense of "you normally contact me" but in the sense, it seemed, of wanting to be the one that I contact, God willing.
Manly protectiveness and making me tea (!) ?
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