Is he after a relationship or friend with benefits?

I met this guy a while ago and hung out a few times. The first proper date was a quick lunch then he asked me out a few times for a drink. All dates were great, we got on very well then suddenly he messaged me less and less. I stopped messaging him as i think probably he was not interested in me.
After 2 weeks of no texting whatsoever, my flatmate (who is also his friend) told me that i should have made a move as the guy is shy. Apparently he told my flatmate that he took me back so many times and i didn't invite him up, just smiled and waved goodbye. It seems quite weird to invite him up at 2am in the morning as we always went out late. So i left it at that. Then he invited me out drinking with him and his mates. We got talking and i asked if what my flatmate said was true. He said it's hard for him to express his feeling to someone he likes. Ended up kissing and back to my place. Sex was great however i got to work in the morning so had to kick him out early T_T. He said he had a great time and i did too. Then a few more days, no contacts whatsoever until i sent him a message. I told him that he always makes me wondering if he actually likes me. He said don't overanalyse things, that he's different from others and we should go with the flow. He's on holiday atm with his friends and said he would see me when he's back.

I'm not used to this as normally guys always text me all the time. I have a feeling he's just after a fuck buddy relationship and not a serious one. I really like this guy but prefer him to tell me straight what he wants. He got a divorce a while back so it's probably why he is taking things slow.

So is he really shy to express his feeling or he's just playing with me?
Is he after a relationship or friend with benefits?
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