Can a feminine guy become masculine?

I've been dating this guy for a few months and he loves me and wants us to become official, but there's something about him that turns me off... he's an amazing person, but not my ideal type of "manly man". He's really sensitive, he doesn't eat much compared to other guys (less than me!), sometimes uses feminine hand gestures and moves kind of like a girl, he tans and uses different lotions/face masks etc, uses baby talk, wears kinda tight pants, he's very cuddly.. I remember one time he said "guys aren't allowed to use makeup to look better"... I was like "you would WANT to?" ... On the other side he's protective, looks like a typical guy, likes cars, has a low manly voice, works out...

I know he wants more than anything to be with me (and I really want to be more attracted to him because we could be perfect together), so I really want to tell him that his "femininity" bothers me... but my questions is... is it possible for him to become more masculine? I know you'll say you shouldn't change someone, but assume he actually WANTS to..

Also is there a gentle way to bring this up?
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I forgot to add that I AM attracted to him physically, it's just his femininity that turns me off...
Can a feminine guy become masculine?
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