That means he's interested right?? so should I......??

We are both interested in each other the signs are there (well I hope so!)..he asked if I had a boyfriend..y didn't I have one...he's always finds a way to touch me...i swear he must have touched my arm or back 20 times in one day EVERY TIME we crossed each others paths (we work together) he stops and lets me go by first and as I go by he touches or pats my back or arm as I pass him as if he's "guiding" me by him...EVERY TIME and its funny because its SO noticeable and constant! lolz not subtle at all!...I hope I'm right though...that means he's interested right? He's slowly coming out of the shyness...he would come up and talk to me and every time he sees me he says hi...a few days later and now he's gotten comfortable enough to touch me...but I want him to say it...i just wanna stop him in the middle of a conversation or when he's touching me or looking at me and smile nicely and say "Ur interested in me aren't u?" or "ur feeling me aren't u?" lolz completley catch him off guard! lolz make him blush a little...and if he says yea I'll admit that the feeling is mutual so he can finally be comfortable enough to ask me to hang out with him outside of work...go to a movie or something...ya know? would it be wrong of me to say it to him...or should I wait 4 him...of course I wanna be 100% sure that he's interested so I don't make a fool of myself lolz maybe I should start off by mimicking his flirtatious tactics so he can get the hint...touch him how he touches me every time I need to slip by him to grab something at work...cause we all know how it feels when ur crush touches u...u feel like ur in heaven! lolz I want him to feel that way...we got each others numbers but I wanna do this all in person...what do you guys think I should do...and give me a percentage on how interested in me he sounds too...also what ways can I flirt with him without being TOO out there? nice and subtle...
That means he's interested right?? so should I......??
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