Should I take control of the situation?

This guy, I've been crushing on for a year now. He's everything I've been looking for. He's smart, a gamer and is a computer boss (Like myself). When we see each other, the chemistry is there. We tease each other and flirt. He works as a cashier at a store, so when I go to that particular store he's usually there. When I buy something and it comes to giving me my change, he allows our hands to touch and looks me dead in the eyes. It's not a subtle touch, it's slow and lingers. He even trails his finger tips along my palm sometimes. After a year, he and I have gotten to know each other. We text, which usually involves flirting also. But after all that, it's like he's waiting for something from me. What should I do? Should I bite him? xD
Should I take control of the situation?
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