How do I tell my best guy friend I like him?

I got a really close guy friend who iv been through a year of break ups sad moments happy moments up/downs with and I ain't sure how to tell him "I like you more then friends" I'm in need of serious help


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  • You don't need that much help. You just need to tell him that you like him.

    I say you just find the time to hang out with him on some day you feel comfortable doing so, and then just have fun together. From there you just wait for a nice pause in the conversation. The best time I think is when you have a nice moment when you both just finished laughing about something. Like a joke or when you two are talking about something funny that happened. Whatever. Now you don't need for it to be something like this but I find sometimes it helps. Anyway when you have that pause, just move in closer to him and plant a kiss on him. Your choice for where. Lips cheek, whatever, not important where, but I'd say kiss him. Tell him you've been thinking about him differently lately. Tell him you like him, and you are very glad to have had him as a friend all this time, and from there you only need to be honest with your feelings. Get out anything you want.

    This is how I say it is best to handle it. Though I had a close friend of mine once tell me a similar but different way.

    Y'see my current girlfriend used to be my best friend (actually she still is too but you know what I mean) and she's been there for me for a while. Anyway one time she and I were hanging out on a really good day in spring. We spent the day together travelling to the mall, we went to pick up drinks at the store, we hung out at my place and I eventually ran out of stuff to talk about and I was thinking of it as an awkward silence but instead of saying so, I just threw my hands up and laid back in bed said "Well I'm out of things to say, what do you wanna do?" and replied with "how about I tell you something I've been trying to get the nerve to say all week.". With this segue she then proceeded to tell her feelings about me. Then she gave me a big hug and we kissed and that was that. She later asked me if I'd be her boyfriend.

    Anyway telling somebody how you feel isn't hard. If you want to tell them you just need to tell them. Yes there is always the chance of rejection but trust me rejection isn't that hard to bounce back from. And really all you have to do is remember that no matter what you do in life there is always a possibility you can fail. You just need to embrace it so that you can put your fears aside. From there you just need to do it and hope for the best. If you're worried about things getting weird I can tell you that usually things only get weird if you LET them get weird, and seeing as he's a guy I'm betting he's not going to shoot you down. In this case you sound like you have the upper hand.

    So get out there tiger. Go get him. Show him how you feel, tell him everything you've been feeling, and if he's still not sure just take the pressure off by telling him you'll be OK with staying friends if that's what he really wants. Whatever the case stop worrying, because I'm pretty sure everything will work out in the end.

    Good luck.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. Did my advice help?

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    • Its ok . I mean

      all he did was

      start dating my best firend after he knew I liked him

      guotta get over him which I have 2 month boyfriend haha guys are a shame

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  • Easy like this.

    Hey (guys_name) I have been thinking. You know we have a lot in common. Why have we never dated?

    Some silly playful question that would not put him in the spotlight and is not serious.

  • Just tell him you like him. Usually guys aren't as picky as girls and will say yes but keep in mind after relationships and breaking up you 2 might not be able to see each other like best friends like you did before.


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