Guys - Not taking fun modern technology in to account, would you rather be a white male in the US in the 1950's compared to today?

Guys - Not taking fun modern technology in to account, would you rather be a white male in the US in the 1950's compared to today?

I would. I'd miss video games and TV and the internet, but everything else would be way better.
or rather... more options for TV*


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  • I'd say guys who say yes are insane. Girls also. I mean sure there were good things about those times (It was the time of socialism for example )

    But if you were a girl you'd far less rights and you'd basically have to be a housewife. Obviously things drastically changed in the 60s then

    And if you're a guy, well enjoy Vietnam! The 50s were also the time hyper masculine role models. If you couldn't deal with what you saw at war (and there was ww2, korea and vietnam around that period) you were just not a real man. It was your responsibility to provide for your family and yours alone. If you failed to do so, because you got laid off, you were also not a real man. And then so many things guys complain about today were just the norm in the 50s. Like that you have to pay for dates, that your income matters, that you have to make the first and probably next dozen steps, that you have to organize dates and generally be a responsible adult.
    Like video games isn't just about technology. The idea that grown man play games would be bizarre in the 50s. Generally I feel like men these don't any responsibilities or grow up at all and I don't think they'd last a day in the 50s

    • Ask your grandparents :P

      The 50's were a pretty great, prosperous time for almost everyone.

      As for socialism, the income disparity in the US was much lower back then. CEO's made reasonably higher than the average worker, as opposed to now where it is absolutely insane.

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    • I would call it responsible, Christian capitalism.

      What we have nowadays is far from that sadly.

    • again, I never said anything to the contrary

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  • No idea. I'd prefer to live in caveman times.


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  • Yeah, because the threat of nuclear war was just fantabulous.

    And no rights for women.

    And no rights for blacks and other minorities.

    I'm sure everyone who isn't a white male would just LOVE to go back to the 50s.

    • You had the same legal rights.

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    • So, only men can drive on bumpy backroads?

    • @M_A_X July 2nd 1964 to be precise
      that was when it was passed. but like Masked Sanity is saying, its not just about a law being passed. It took years for attitudes to change especially in the south.

  • Oh hell yeah. I could beat my wife up, neglect them, still get a good job without going to college. For a small price I could he a great house. I'm the American ideal. Things would be super convienent

  • Ah yes the 50s. Pre-Civil Rights, era of oppression of women, intolerance and bigotry.

    I'm sure you said WHITE MALE for a reason.

    Anyone who says yes is a twat.

  • of course i would want to be a man in the 1950s.
    they are so oppressed now a days.


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