What just happened / Why did he do that?

So there's this guy that told me he liked me and I realized that at school cause he always looked at me. He always use to text me everyday and one day he kept asking me out so I finally said yes. A few days went by, us texting and just one day he stopped texting. I tried reaching him through FB. When school started he never came up to me hoping he would but nothing. So I asked him "Why don't you talk to me?" and he replied with "You don't talk to me." Why should I talk to him first when he's the one who wanted me to go out with him? Few days after that little convo I see him now with another girl... weird. I just don't get what his intentions were or what he wanted out of me and why he just so called "dumped" me.


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  • He probably didn't think you were interested enough in him, so his own interest became weaker. I'm not sure what he was expecting, he was the one who asked you out so he should have been the one to also set the date etc. Maybe he ended up realizing that he wasn't as interested in you as he initially thought or something. I don't know. Sounds weird. You're probably better off not dwelling too much about this.

  • Don't worry about him. Move on.


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