Reasons you avoid talking and looking at a female classmate?

In short, this guy is outgoing you name it. He talks and teases other people, even people he isn't too fond off. Thing is that in groups ( small or big ) he won't bother looking at me, not even when I'm talking. He would mumble heya once when I said hey to him first.
When I look at him first and he catches me looking at him he quickly looks away.

I kind off feel like he is trying to lock me out.
My guess is that he dislikes me?


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  • oh well... if he's comfortable with other people... yet he's shy with you... it's obvious that he likes you ;-)

  • He either dislikes you and wants nothing to do with you, or he fancies the pants off you but he's shy. I know that helps a lot, but it's the way it is. lol

    • Yeah.. that's the problem it's hard to make out. And also I don't want to be an idiot who is trying to seem interested while he is making it obvious he dislikes the shit out off me. Thanks anwyas ^-^

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