So this is his strange response to my confession?

I posted the other day about how I was going to tell me friend I loved him & I did last night... but it made no sense?
Me: I have something I need to talk to you about but its fuckedup..
Him : on a scale of 1-10 how fuckedup..
Me: I'm scared I'm gonna lose you forever once I say it..
Him : well if you dont feel ready..
Me: I think I'm in love with you..(at this point i was shaking so bad & my face started twitching) I know its all fuckedup I'm so sorry its wrong
Him : I don't think its wrong? Do you? I'll always be here for you without you I feel like some lost dog in the streets
Me: I don't know I don't want you to hate me or be creeped out... I understand if you never want to be around me again I don't know what to do... I've tried everything to make this stop but I can't there's probably no one I'll ever feel this way about ( at this point I'm sitting on my bed crying so bad so he sits next to me and holds me)
Him: there's nothing wrong with it, I'll never hate you & always be there for you & never leave you... I'll always have love for you okay.. you're not a creep everything is okay
We continued talking about like his kids and life but not about that subject till he fell asleep...
Wtf does any of that mean.. I'm pretty sure it was a rejection :/ its okay if it was I'm just asking for other ppls opinions because I don't know
Oh and the reason why i was thinking it might be creepy is my dad raised him since we were teenagers & it was always a sibling thing like we've both been in foster care n stuff so when my dad found him & got me it's just been us.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not a rejection. He's just not telling you how he feels. Fyi these things are always better done in person. It's not f'd up... not sure where you get that from. It's a compliment to him. He's telling you he's always going to be there for you. You are all he knows. Don't sweat it. Next time you are face to face, ask him how he feels!! It's harder to deny feelings in person

    • I guess I'm scared to press the subject, he's a very outspoken man so it seems like if he felt the same way he would say something.. maybe what I told him is something he needs to process

Most Helpful Girl

  • This right here says it all..,"without you I'm like some lost puppy in the street" Awwww he loves you and he needs you. Eventually he will show you he needs you. Good job! Keep doing what you're doing.


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  • He said he loves u. That doesn't sound like a rejection to me. I think i he doesn't ask u out soon, u should ask him out yourself. U already confessed, so things can't get any worse, am i right?

    • He said he has love for me where I told him I'm in love with him.. so I guess I kind of took it like he only sees me as a friend I don't know

    • Hmm well only time will tell. Either he will ask you out, or he won't. He said ge loves you, and he said that its not wrong for you to feel that way, so there is no harm done wether he asks u out or not.

  • perhaps you should have just told him


What Girls Said 1

  • Have no idea, but props for telling how you feel


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