Can someone be too honest?

I was influenced by my roommates and totally changed. The quiet kid is lost and everyone who knew me in HS tells me that I don't have a filter and laugh at me cause apparently im really inapropriate and I tell them at least people know what I think. Its weird seeing people i went to HS with think I'm this crazy person cause I don't consider myself innapropriate and I'm just honest.


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  • I don't think people can be too honest. But they can be too blunt and sometimes misread the appropriate ways to share their thoughts :)

    • Well is it innapropriate to say a girl is hot when she walks by or talk say indknt like someone to their face.

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    • I love doing that too, I'm exactly like you but in 'societies' terms they should be handled carefully :)

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Don't worry about what anybody thinks. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

    But I'm blunt as fuck and really piss people off at school, but at least everyone knows I'm not lying to them if I tell them they look good :D

    • Well its like if I'm talking to a group of people and see a girl who is attractive I'll openly say how hot a girl is and everyone calls me a uncivil. We all were looking and I just said it lol.

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    • Some people mind and I'm nkt going to act quiet and respectful all the time that's lying om just being me.

    • Hell yeah 😆

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  • I don't think a person can be too honest... however I believe a person can not use enough tact, when giving their honest opinion about a sensitive topic.

    • Or not recognize that it's a situation where they should use tact, or even have a plan about how to go about it other than coming off really stilted and robotic sounding like they're reading it from a cue card

  • Google Aspergers Syndrome

    • Well I was shy in HS it wasn't until college dorm life I became what I am now.

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    • Not knowing you shouldn't say those things is a part of aspergers. Not recognizing that it would be rude to say, or that it's not the right social situation for that kind of comment

    • Well its something I started doing in college dorms when the culture made it OK to act that way. When I'm with my roommates its constant comments and it seems like other people don't like it. IDC though if people don't like it they can man up and try tk change it just keep hating.

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