Why did he text me first and then just stopped texting me?

So we were talking and he messaged me first and he said wow why to text me back.( he meant it in a joking way) anyways i sent back i was busy and forgot:/lol and text me back its cool i mean you probably just want to be my friend now:(.. I went to get gas and left my at home and he text me like 10 minutes later saying "did you forget again" I text him back saying no i didn't bring my phone and he didn't read it for like 20minutes until i texted him again saying did you forget again. He texted me like 2 mintues later "i never forget Boob" I then text him again and he never responded to me. That was over and hour ago. Does it sound like he is ignoring me? Im not going to him back because i dont want to play a game if that was he is doing.


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  • He was bored when he texted you, he didn't have anything else to do


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