Why does he keep doing these things in public? Is this normal for you guys?

We just made our relationship official a month ago and n boyfriend keeps kissing my neck in public. Sometimes softly and other times aggressively he also often holds on to me really tight while doing so. If he doesn't do that he gropes me. He'll often grope my side and thighs, he used to grope my boobs but I told him to stop that so he did. But I've told him to stop with the PDA cause he keeps doing it really obvious, but that he won't stop, he'll tone it down a bit but he won't totally stop. Why is he doing this? Please excuse my English!
Update, would be great with some more advice...


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  • he seems very affectionate (all the neck kissing) .. if I really like/love woman it's hard for me to keep me hands off her no matter where we are. Side note: he might be marking his territory if he only grabs and kisses on u in public after u told him stop the PDA


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  • my boyfriend used to show pda in public to show people that i was his. he could also just be wanting attention


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  • what is PDA?

    • Public display of affection

    • aha I knew that! well I knew it was something like that, maybe because he wants to show u off

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