Does he like me?

Okay so today I was walking with my two friends, one is Rick and the other is Gabriel. So it's gonna be Gabriel's birthday in a few days and Rick said that Gabe told him what he wants. I then asked what it was and he said, "You in a thong." I was so shocked because I had never thought he would say that. And no he wasn't lying he actually told him that. But after Rick said it, Gabe just got embaressed and awkwardly walked away quickly. So does he like me, or he just thinks im hot or it meant nothing and was just a joke?
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Well it was Gabe who said it, rick is just the one who told me.


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  • These characters kinda sound like dickholes. Avoid!

    • Second thought Gabe might not be that bad. Rick was probably just trying to embarrass Gabe. Even if Gabe really likes you and doesn't just wanna get in your thing, he's probably jokes about that before...

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    • You said it was Gabe who said it... well, who knows if it was a direct quote or a joke or whatever.

    • Yeah alright thanks anyways!

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  • Honestly I think they were talkin bout dirty stuff and Rick blurted out what he said about you or rick made it up because this guy likes you and rick thought it was funny to embarrass him. You should definitely go up to Gabe and talk to him about it. Otherwise you'll never know whether he's a creep or has a major crush on you 😊 hope this helped but I'm so sorry that you're stuck in such a tricky situation 😁


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