What does he mean he's bad for me?

So I've liked this guy for a while and he likes/liked me back. I was hanging out with him a while ago and when he was walking me home he told me that he wants me to find someone else to like because he's bad for me and all he'll do is hurt me and he couldn't live with himself if he hurt me. So he sent me away with a goodbye hug, and a reminder that he is always there for me, and that the last thing he'd ever do is hurt me. I dont understand. He does have emotional problems, so was he worried about that? Does he still like me? Is he doing this to protect me, or to get away from me?
  • He likes you and just wants to protect you
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  • He doesn't like you and is just pushing you away
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  • Something more complex is going on here
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  • He doesn't love you but he does care about you
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  • He's trying to save you from the potential heartache that he may cause you. He knows his faults will normally hurt others. He still likes you a lot; in a perfect world, he would be with you and treat you right.


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  • I'm sure he liked you but it's not enough i guess. I think he just wanted to leave you but he tried to be kind. Don't scratch this case and go on to your life. It's done, believe me..

  • It means that he got that line from "Fifty Shades of Grey" aha

  • I'm taking a really wild guess but maybe he's a player, had only ever been a player, and you are the first girl he has actually liked so he doesn't know how to not be a player for you.


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