Does he like me?

So at the beginning of the year he was always talking to me and not his friends and showing me his cats and pets on electronic day on his phone at school and we were always talking. But most of the time when we stared at eachother from desks (We did it like 4 times a day) I would look away first because I thought I was ugly. Then he started staying away from me a little then after Christmas break he wasn't around so much. Then a month ago he talked to me and enjoyed the subject. And 3 weeks ago my friend Reese (who is friends with him and used to be with him) said that he didn't want me as a girlfriend. Of course i didn't know when he said that. And now, he has totally avoided me but since we both play soccer at recess he always bumps into me. And since we had to pick new teams, he joined mine because his friend Juan was on it. And just before I left school, I heard him talking to his best friend, Paarth. I heard him say my name. I dont know if he was saying how we were on the same team or not. Does he still have feelings for me? I miss him so much! Help?
by the way he is talking to other girls now.


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  • He doesn't sound like he's interested


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