Is that normal or should I be worried and think about it?

I started talking to a guy, I met on this site... really cool guy, funny, really cute, likes video games. We talk about stuff and occasionally send dirty messages to each other.

Well earlier he said he would like to have sex with me and I said I wanted to have sex with him too. He asked if I wanted to come out to his state. (Plane tickets cost around 300 for a round trip) he offered to go half on the tickets... I've never thought about going to meet him for sex and hanging out.

Do I take the offer or should I tell him no? Do I keep talking to him? Guys would you offer this? Girls would you take the offer?

Why is my life so strange?


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  • Oh my gosh no!!! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? He could totally be a predator.

    And even if he's not why would you pay that much for a plane ticket just to have sex with someone you don't know and have never met?


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  • depends on WHO this guy is ;-)


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  • no, don't waste your time, you're a booty call and nothing else. it won't go anywhere, and meeting people online is still a bit dodgy anyway

    • Ow... my feelings. 😳
      Couldn't you have sugar coated! ?

    • sorry, just wanted to get straight to the point! sorry if it sounded harsh needed to be said :/

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