Am I More Popular Than I Thought?

I got several compliments on my hair from guys I don't even know that well today. One guy I had just met, today. He didn't just say, I like your hair. He said, Did you get your hair cut? WTH?

The other one is in one of my classes. The third one is a sorta friend who hangs out sometimes. He just said 'Nice hair, Shorty!' As he walked past. I'm a little freaked out right now.

So my real question is: What the heck is going on? I'm don't even hang with the popular kids. I'm not cool, at all! What the matter with those kids? (BTW, none of my girls friends mentioned my hair)


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  • It could be 2 things

    1. They just noticed you cut your hair, and usually when you see someone with new hair you tell them you like it. Even if you do or not.

    2. Your new hair is so bad that people are sort of being sarcastic about it. :P
    It really has nothing to do with being popular or not


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  • That's not popularity. It just shows they pay attention.

    • To the weirdo who hangs out in the corner with her one real friend? Creepers!!

    • Yeah it's not popularity. But you're not unpopular if people pay attention to you.

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