How can I tell my roommate to be more hygenic?

I'm getting really sick of my roommate. I gave my friend a place to live after his mum kicked him out, I now realise I've made a big mistake.
He doesn't do his washing, maybe once a month and when he does he leaves it laying around and just picks it up when he wears it, he will leave rotten food and can see it's rotten but won't throw it out, his room looks like it's been trashed my thieves and he is very hygenic - he wees in the shower and he doesn't wash his hands when he goes to the toilet.
I have asked him so many times and he says okay but nothing gets done! I clean the whole house, all I'm asking is for him to keep his room clean.
How should I address him peeing in the shower and him not washing his hands when he uses the toilet? I just think it's really unhygenic and the shower reaks. I now have to clean it before I use it everyday, it's disguisting. I shouldn't have to live like that!


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  • Sit him down and tell him, "Dude, you really need to get your sh*t together and clean up after yourself. Or maybe you need to find another place to live!" That should do it (: if not, find another roommate. Because no one deserves to live like that.

  • Give him an ultimatum. Either he stops being gross, or he can find another place to live.


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