Whats with this guy? Is he crazy?

So I have been seeing this guy for the past year on and off. It started in August and was running smoothly. I turned to him during Dec, and asked if we could be exclusive. He told me he just wasn't crazy about me. He had however got me presents for Christmas and wanted to drop them over. I said no.

We got to February and this chap had left flowers on my car, with a necklace on there. The necklace had a little owl on it and I love owls so he had thought about it. When I asked if he wanted to be together after that he said no.

He went on holiday to Spain, he contacted me everyday. He told me he missed me and wanted to get together.
Eventually I agreed and we started a proper relationship. Every thing was running smoothly, we were looking fab. However everytime we disagree or argue my mates find him on dating websites, which he becomes a temporary user of.

We recently broke up, I am gutted to be honest. He told me he doesn't love me as he never ever will.
I feel like I have never really gotten over him from the first time we met. I'm in shape and I have a lot of male interest. I literally could not care. For some reason I love this man. I want my feelings to go, but I need to understand what the hell is going on here! My friends tell me to move on and I know I should but I probably never will. I feel like I'll just wait for him again and I shouldn't.


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  • It's the old saying. " you want what you can't have." I bet if you really looked at the situation with a open mind you would see both sides... But sometimes that's very difficult to do.
    He honestly and openly admitted that he doesn't love you, nor will he ever.. It will never be wright!
    And quite frankly it sounds like her just doesn't want to loose a good looking fuck buddie!! Any one can remember things other people like.. That does not mean he has feelings for you!

    • No it doesn't sound mean at all! I just do not understand why people shoot love down. Surely these feelings develop with time and attachment? I can't understand how someone can be so sure they wnt love me. I get a lot if attention and I guess he just keeps dropping in to know I still want him, but I will always only want him. 😢

    • Yes, they do.. But because you have feelings doesn't mean he does or will.
      Or! Maybe he does have feeling and is waiting for you to settle down a bit... Maybe he sees that your still wanting to have fun and he doesn't want to hold you down. I know I would not get in to a serious relationship with a girl that was still, exploring, looking for fun, hooking up with guys.
      The fact that you get a "lot of attention from guys" could be.. Maybe next time you see/talk to him you can ask him why? Get him to talk about it and listen..

    • Yer. I mean it's been on and off for a while now so he must have some feelings. Perhaps by backing off totally he will see that. He refused to talk over the phone with me, all this was done over stupid texts.
      He hasn't spoken to be for days now and I'm really missing him. I dnt want to be crazy though and as I love him, I just want him to be happy. With or without me. It's just hard to get on with things and not think about stuff.
      I dnt really have that much fun but I have some guy mates that maybe he sees as that. Not sure really x

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  • These things are complicated.
    Love, and intimacy, are completely different.
    They are ideal, just don't always go hand in hand.
    To be honest, he sounds conflicted more than anything.
    Keep in light contact, and be available.
    See if he comes back around.
    If he doesn't, move along.
    If he does, hold onto your own heart a little more carefully this time.
    Pay attention to all the flags.

    • That's really lovely advice. Thanks. I'm just abit heart broken I guess. I'm hoping that if I give him space and time he will see that he did love me the while time. His mixed messages have been hard to read. Thankyou. He messaged me this morning saying he didn't want to say bye and he was sad. But then said bye xx in a text x

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  • He is probably dating numerous woman and gets them gifts too, to keep them on his hook. He's a player.

    • No way. He is shy and doesn't go out. It took 2 months of dating before he kissed me! Honestly he wouldn't be dating anyone

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    • Yer you are right there! I guess he has played with my emotions. So in that respect he is a player. i just need to try and move on, it's just so hard when you can't understand what the hell has happened!!

    • Maybe,
      I didn't think of that one.
      I hope not.

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