Morbid or gentle?

I can be very morbid and... deathy... do girls tend to want a guy more "caring" or gentle cuddley type of shit. Or will my anti-bullshit and rainbows attitude cut it?


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  • To me, anti-bullshit isn't the same as morbid. I'm not really a cuddly person but I try to be nice without being sickly sweet. I also tend to be more blunt and call things as I see it so I think I would get along well with someone that's the same way and is also anti-bullshit. In my opinion everyone makes mistakes, just own up to it and I can move on with that person.


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  • anti-bullshit and rainbows is fine, and good, but morbid is not. I like a guy who cares about me but doesn't get all gooey about it

  • I think you need go just meet in the middle!! Both of those are polar opposites.

    Why not just be yourself, and find a girl who likes that!! If your morbid, be morbid. There will be an emo out there for you!!


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