Why was the other guy laughing at us?

Okay, this really irritated me today in class I was talking to my crush and this other guy was laughing at us (or at him) cus I was facing my crush and away from him. Why was this guy (a freind of m crush) Laughing at me.
This is not the only time this happened another time when i was talking to me crush, he kinda turned brigt red and rubbed the back of his neck and he laughed at too.
So I dont know why when another guy is around us they laugh at our interaction why? This really makes me not want to talk to him..


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  • Sounds like his buddy knows something he's not telling could be your crush has a thing for you too and his buddy finds it hysterical my friends do this to me all the time

    • But its kind of mean

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    • Nah from what you described above it just sounds like his buddy is having a joke at his friends expense nothing to worry about😄

    • okay.

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  • ... are you actually 25-29?

    • why?

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    • @Zorro8888 d'awww kids these days are so fiesty lol

    • So cute <3 I love their generation

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  • he's just stupid... i don't see anything funny here

  • Maybe he said something to their freinf about you either cheesy or really bad

    • He dont know me... I always been kind to him. Maybe he dislikes me.. I dont know

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    • Lol, Okay. I frowned when he made eye contact cus we usually make eye contact , but this time I was giving him a frown cus I was soo confused so he stopped making eye contact.

    • Jajaja become flirty again

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