Is this creepy or romantic and why?

i've been avoiding my crush and wrote a journal entry about it.
its in letter format

""You don't smell funny, you didn't say anything mean. I don't hate and i don't dislike you. its just that every time i'm around you i want to hug you, kiss you and just hold you. get lost into your eyes and make sure that everything is all right"

its an excerpt. i'm poet or songwriter. Also their is know way in hell that im gonna say or plan to say thids
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I'm *NOT a poet or songwrite. I just reread it now :(


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  • "You don't smell funny"
    You're a poet and you don't know it!
    Okay, that was hilarious, I'm sorry but I found it funny. Where is the option for "closer to hilarious"?

  • Aww I think this is so cute! The only thing though is if you barely know her try and learn more about her before wanting to break the physical barrier cause that will scare her off. Hope this helped 😊

    • The physical barrier was broken last year all ready. We touch each other a lot. No hugging though which is surprising

  • Where is the in-between option? If I was your crush I would... I actually don't know what I'd do but I won't stop smiling.. I think its cute

    • There is no in between that's why I added the "closer to". Your option sounds note like B

  • I don't think you're creepy, more like infatuated. Maybe, you should try talking to her instead of admiring her from afar.

    • I talk to her and am always around her, but lately I can't think when she is within a foot of me :/

    • Awww that's so cute 😍 Maybe you should write her a letter. Probably not as detailed as your poem but something that tells her you like her a lot

    • Thanks
      I don't know. I'll think about it though :-)

  • I agree... its not creepy. but yeah buddy you should tell her that you like her. Put some of your poetic ways to use. i bet you'll make her smile.

    • I can't right now. It feels to compulsive. I'd rather do it because I'm feeling good and ready than off a whim

    • Don't suggest him to use his poetic ways, please!

    • Why not... what's wrong with poetry?

  • I don't find it romantic at all.
    Can't explain it, but I find it more closer to creepy.
    A lot of girls would totally dig it though.

    • It's okay. It's just a diary/journal entry

    • "a lot of girls would totally dig it"
      I'm sure that's not true!

What Guys Said 2

  • sorry dude... but if i was her, i'd find it stupid :-P

    • That is why i'm keeping it in th journal. Take out the frustration there

  • "You don't smell funny" (?)

    • As to why you'd avoid someone

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    • I know. I don't know if you saw the update, but artistic creativity isn't me. This was just for my journal

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