Why would he ask for my number, but not text me and refuse my request?

I'm new to this flirting stuff and reading guy's behaviour on a night out.
I met a guy last night, we got along well, I found him fairly attractive, we chatted etc etc. We kissed a few times and spent the rest of the night together. Before I left, he asked for my number which I gave and that was that.
I later added him on Facebook.
However, he hasn't text me and he refused my friend request.

I don't really care about the request refusal, but why would you ask for a girl's number, not text her and then refuse the friend request? What was the point in asking for it? He wasn't off his face either, we were both fairly sober.

Do you think I scared him off somehow, haha?
He text me today, it's all good. (y)


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  • Oops that's remarkable :-)
    Are you sure you didn't send the request to the wrong guy?
    Your logic is fairly correct... he kissed you, chatted with you all night, asked your number and than looks away.
    Perhaps try to send him a kind text message to say you enjoyed the night and ask if he'd like to meet you again. See what his reaction is. So bizarre...

    • I'm sure it was to the right guy. I don't want to meet up again, I was just wondering why a guy would ask for your number, then not contact you and refuse your request.

    • Maybe he was drunk and just "having fun" flirting with a random girl.
      Does he even remember he's been out with you haha. Maybe he only remembers the headache from the drinks :-)
      Maybe that's why you didn't get drunk haha... he replaced the glasses with water :-)

    • Thanks for the most helpful Hannah :-)

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  • If I was him, there could be two possible reasons:
    #1. (Don't want to be harsh) he used you, you don't seem to deserve him (as a casual friend) he sees no future with you. You also shattered his dreams of one night stand.
    #2. He just didn't use Facebook at the moment, you can wait.

  • He may have had a change of heart about you after leaving the club and does not want to remain in contact with you.

  • He may just not be interested, maybe he was just hoping for a one night stand.
    That's the atmosphere at most clubs/bars, or online.

  • I know it's frustrating but you have to understand that clubbing is a wild card out of all high night life areas. With all the liquor, dancing, and drugs, people's emotions are flying up and down constantly. People tend to get onto an emotional high because of the intense environment.."I was lost in the moment" quote ring a bell? When people return to their normal lives they begin to start thinking rationally again. I've heard similar experiences with men when it comes to women in clubs. They're all for hooking up, but once you take them out of the club some women will reject the man. Understand that this phenomena happens to both sexes. If anything, I believe the man you were with was initially attracted to you, got lost in the moment, and changed his mind later on. I regret to say that I have done this a few times, but not out of malice mind you. I did not respond simply because I did not want to lead the girl on... Situations like these are quite rare though for most people...

  • My guess is he has a girlfriend which is why he won't accept your fb request.
    He probably asked for your number but really he just wanted to fuck.

  • 1. You didn't meet that long ago. When he's ready to text you he will.

    2. Maybe you were his side chick for the night and he's got a girlfriend?

    3. Maybe he asked for your number to do this kind of thing again.

  • I think it's simple, people at parties/clubs generally don't look for relationships. They're more into the one night stands and random hookups. Him asking for the number was to show more interest in you.

    What do you think?

  • He has a girlfriend or wife and you popping up on his Facebook would be fatal.

    He may have asked for your number in the heat of the moment and then when you texted he realized that he was in to deep and doesn't know how to juggle two women.

    Just a theory.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think you did. But when you say, you spent the rest of the night together as in slept together/even stayed with him?

    • No, we didn't sleep together. We just hung out until I left the club.

    • Oh right. But to be honest, it sounds like he's in a relationship or something.

  • He's a jerk
    Move on... guys come and go


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