How can you tell the difference between friendly or flirty if guy works in a store?

So guy i like stares everytime i see him. Whether it be walking past where he works or when i enter his shop.

It is a small shop, an he always serves. He always raises his eyebrow when he sees me, then will watch me as i go get an item to buy. Then at counter he looks down, an bit awkward but always say hello you alright.

Problem is i can't determine if it's just friendly :/. It doesn't feel that way when i am around him. He even messed up an overcharged then apologised. Also are hands touched. I get butterfliea but i get so shy.

Is he not in a position to ask me out. Should i slip my number?


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  • The signs look to smile in your favor, it seems to me that this guy is attracted to you and seems a little shy.

    I do not think it would harm your chances to give him your number.

    • Hey thanks for answering. Yeah i get that vibe. I am too lol. Ok will. give it a try ;)

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    • Thank you for Most Helpful Opinion.

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