I haven't heard from him in a week, is he still interested?

I've been dating this guy for about a month. But, it's been a week since I've heard from him. Granted I know I can call him too. But , last we spoke he said he would call me the next day so I waited. However, last night I gave in an called. I left a voice mail. I know he's busy with work. He manages a bar and grill and currently he's the only manager and they are low on staff so he usually works every day except Sundays. Everything really has been going fine. We do live 4 hours apart, but he's made it clear that it's not a big deal and if we want it to work we can. I know he's not laid up in a hospital because we have a mutual friend that he works with. I just don't get it. Last time I saw him was a little under 2 weeks everything was cool. So this is all very strange.


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  • I'd cut my loses and move on. He gave you his word that he'd call and didn't. He hasn't given you a reason or an apology for this and is now not returning your call. Personally I don't think he's worth the time and effort you're wasting on him.

    He might be busy at work, but it would have only taken him about two minutes for him to call you and explain that he's going to be snowed under for the next week, but will see you or call you when it's over.

    • It's just ONE missed phone call.. seriously.. This can't be a deal breaker on its own.

      To Question Asker: I'd say call him again.. If he doesn't call back within a week, consider moving on.

    • No, it's one WEEK of missed phone calls. At any point during the week he could have phoned to tell her what was going on.

      I'm a man of my word, If I say I'm going to do something (like call the next day) then I do it. As I already said above, it doesn't take much effort to make a quick phone call. I don't have the patience to deal with someone who promises something & fails to deliver and then doesn't even have the courtesy to give a reason or an apology.

    • Thank you guys for you responses.Don't really want to call him again. I'd like to clarify that call pattern. Last Saturday I called him and he picked up and we spoke. This is when he said he would call me Sunday night. No call. On Monday I text him one of those "thinking of you text, hope all is well.."no response. he's not a big texter which is fine. And I finally gave in and called friday, but still no call back or anything from him. it's wierd, I can't say that enough.

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