Is he insecure?

Guy i've been flirting with with ask me whether I'm off on a date when i say I have plans so i'll call him tomorrow. Every time I compliment him he'll ask is that good or bad? When i sent a sexy pic he asked did a guy take it? For months i've been telling him that his accent is absolutely perfect and so sexy... yet when i asked whether they talk like him back home, he replied are you being mean? (Btw this guy is 10 years older, I thought older men were more secure?)

P. s he cut contact with me a few days ago so we no longer speak. Hr did so cuz I couldn't decide whether i wanted him or not. I'd like answers to this because he's making out that i'm the only one with issues cus of my hot/cold behavior... he won't admit he has issues too.
Flirting with *will* ask me
guys opinions?


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  • Yep, he's definitely insecure.


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  • He's insecure.. I've dealt with this before and no matter what you do to try to uplift them they can never take a compliment! Its exhausting.. Move on!

    • He's ignoring my texts, but I only want him... his insecurities are the only thing i dislike and i'm fussy.

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  • Oh wow, 10 years older? go girl!


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