Guy friend acting bit distant why, guys please answer girls can too :-)?

Hey there I need advice on why a good friend at work would act the following ways around me as below in list then change suddenly, nothing has ever happened with us 2 physical as I have bf and him gf, but he so up & down with her.

Stares at me lots, compliments me on my hair, perfume and remembers my perfume and clothes, like " that suits you that top"
Teases me lots, like "I say great top" he will say "that's boyfriend material" and laughs
Loves to get my approval on stuff and make me smile
Said before great stuff bout my weight loss and boobs look better
Walks same pace now don't Rush ahead, opens doors more considerate
Listens to me lots and wants to know bout my weekends and evenings
Members things I got him in past
Buys me birthday gifts

There is more stuff too, but at work it has been said people think we have done stuff as we do lunch togeather sometimes and he will ask me to play pool but never asks other women.

He gets kinda jealous if I have laugh with other guys as his face goes serious too and never flirts with other girls now neither, as a joke I said u do to make me jealous and then he stopped!!

But he is very nice and likes attention so sometimes I feel I read into it as he rarely replies to texts, unless wants something and that hurts but he don't like texting.

But this week he kept saying I was moody and I waxnt I did text saying stop being weird and chill out, as usual no reply but before text, he was acting abit kinda cool with me, as in he don't turn round and chat much and quite blunt, he don't flirt and says he can't complimdnt now, then later said joking but yet acting normal with everyone else.

He does speak if go over and it's like he wants to flirt and says odd thing and stares and he emailed saying wanted lift with me to an event on Friday , when others going

I asked him if ok and said we don't always need to chat but fine, I don't get it why change?


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  • His gf probably told him to lay back on the flirting


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