Have you ever dated someone and realized they're crazy?

Have you ever meet someone and they seemed perfect but as soon as you get to know them you realized they are nothing like you thought?


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  • Nope, not yet. What's your story with this guy? I'm quite curious

    • At first he was a completely gentlemen, he use to respect me until he finally got me. I use to hear his family members say he was crazy but I didn't believe them and thought they were playing. So one day we was watching a lifetime movie about stalking, and he admitted to stalking this girl. He say he went by her job and he followed her to school one day and then he followed her home. He also said he has body slammed a woman and choke two. He said when your in a committed relationship it's ok to sleep around as long as it's just once and you don't buy gifts, so therefore you're not cheating. If you ever meet him, you would think he was an alright person. It's like he has two different personalities.

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    • Heyyyy you stole my profile pic

    • To him his behaviour is normal. It's like everything has to go his way or its wrong

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  • Yes. Actually found out 5 months in he wasn't only crazy but a rather notorious rapist that made national news and had gone to prison about ten years before I met him.

    We don't speak anymore :)

    • Were there any signs? Did you feel like something was off?

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    • Yeah. His job didn't even know of his felony record. He doesn't disclose it as he is legally suppose to (is not required to be on the sex offender list though). Many times he was able to work for years before a job would discover his criminal past, then he would be fired. They weren't bullshit jobs either. Banks, investment companies. I assume he is still doing the same thing. It is no wonder he is crazy, that constant fear of having your lies discovered will do that to you.

    • That's how it came out, we worked together, and he got fired suddenly. He then explained why. That's when the crazy came out. He blamed everyone else, the girls, the courts, the employer; nothing of it was his fault, even though he's the one that willingly committed the crimes and chose to lie about his record repeatedly. I could deal with a prison record from 10 years previous when there had been no problems since. Couldn't deal with the crazy, that is what indicated to me he was a dangerous individual. I didn't take any chances, uprooted my life and was gone.

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  • Wouldn't you know before you dated. It is usually obvious when someone is crazy

    • Na he hides himself, he seemed so normal. He is a completely different man than what I met

    • reminds me of a tv show I watched where someone dated someone who gave them an MRI. Batshit crazy lol

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  • Yess! My last boyfriend. I created this image in my head where he was this almost perfect person but then literally everything turned to be a lie.

    • Yes so you know how it feels. He whole character was a lie

    • Sounds like Narcissist
      Google the stages/patterns of their abuse it's a real eye opener!

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