Staring game too strong then gave up?

There was a guy whom i thought was really cute. but one day he looked at me for 10sec... then again next day. i used to look at him once and look away then again look at him and i catch him still staring at me.. these went on for few days on and on... then i wanted to get to know his information so i talked to one of his fren who just randomly came to talk to me then the guy i had crush on stopped looking at me... and everything went a mess.. later onwards he started looking at my friend and her body then i got angry and disgusted so i totally stopped looking back at him. what does this really mean? before he never used to look at my friend but now he looking at her because she is beautiful


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  • Just for that boy Why you ask Boys are just that way.

    • okay not every but most of them good looking guys are like pigs. Only goes for goodlooking girls and not their heart. They go for goodlooking girls because they think they can get any girls

    • Not all are like that but True there are not a lot.

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