Would a selfish guy ever like an unselfish girl?

I noticed his nature is intrinsically a selfish, and self-interested guy, he only looks for his benefit.

So I think part of the reason he's attracted to me is because I'm the complete opposite.

But I stay away because I feel that a guy like that can never be loyal.

There have been multiple instances where I can literally see his brain is telling him one thing and his heart is saying something else
How do I cure myself of this apparent 'love spell' or whatever?


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  • don´t make the one mistake most girls do in her lives... don´t take a guy, because you think you can change him or he will change for you.

    • No lol I don't think I can change him, I just want to see the best in him, whether it be with me, or anyone else.

      But hte sad reality is he may not even be a nice guy at all, a little sensitive towards me but that's where it ends

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    • 100% agreed.

      We see in others what we want to see, and that's actually our greatest mistake, maybe this is why so many people break up, because there wasn't ever a real relationship to begin with

    • that´s certainly true for a lot of failed relationships.

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  • if he truly fell for her, as he grows closer to her he will change from within. I think.

    • I noticed in the instances where he's battling his brain and heart, he'll listen to his brain, then his heart will say something else and he'll do accordingly

  • Sure thing! I'd be glad to take advantage of dat naive cuties anytime 😋

    • I'm not NAIVE, but I think he thinks that.

      I actually wonder now whether he is thinking he can take advantage by being somewhat kind to me... ugh

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    • By lions are you referring to him and his crazy buddy?

      Do guys know almost instantly when a girl has a bit of a crush on them

    • As in lions competing for the lioness >.>
      No unless u make it too obvious. Otherwise we have no clue

  • Yeah he could be but if he is that selfish whats the point

    • That's a very good point

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    • Agreed 100%

    • ;) hope i helped

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