No texts from boyfriend during the week?

My bf & i have been together over 2 years recently he's been getting in the anoyying habit of not texting me during the week which is anoyying! I work during the week & so does him we are off on the weekends, but latley he's been seeming to busy to text me back during the week because he be with his friends!!! he only text me once yesterday apologizing for not texting me all day the day before!!! He'll talk to me for awhile then not text but wen it comes to the weekend he'll be quick to try to see me/talk to me I've already told him how i feel about that that it makes me feel like if were in a part time relationship or it makes me 2nd think that someone else is entertaining him & that's why he ain't texting me, wen i told him he promised he'll stop & he felt "bad" because he didn't mean to make feel that way & that he only loves me & that he won't ever do such a thing blah blah but there he goes again with his anoyying habit! i haven't even bothered on texting him! We text yesterday but he only text back for a little & stopped, so wen he texts me tomarow Friday trying to spend time with me or be with me im not even going to bother answering his calls/texts
So wtf i haven't herd from him all day yesterday nor today is that normal?


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  • "me, me, me."
    You try to make HIM do as YOU want. Why not instead try to UNDERSTAND HIM? Talk with him! What if he isn't that much of a texter, and doesn't spend the day with his nose in the phone like most people do nowadays?

    You can't reasonably demand him to text you all the time because YOU want it. You need to compromise, or else it won't work. It's that hard, but that simple. Oh, and compromise does NOT mean getting it your way. It means meeting in the middle, and finding a solution you can both be okay with. And if you two can't find a solution to a tiny thing like this, well, then good luck making things work.
    It's harsh, but it's the truth.

    • i don't expect him to text me all the time but its weird when a couple days pass by & u don't even here from your bf, is that normal?

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    • He doesn't text other people but he always would always text me everyday through out the day at least 3-5 times & so wen he started this habit I'd call/text & he would ignore me! But oh well lets see how he likes it wen he "decideds" he wana talk to me..

    • So he isn't really a texter. And you expect him to text you repeatedly throughout the day?
      The thing is, he has so far likely done it only because you wanted him to do it.

      And don't give him the silent treatment, that won't work. Talk with him instead! Figure this out like proper adults!!

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  • he probably could be busy doing work

    • He gets off early, he just hangs out w his friends during the week & apparently don't text me at all to even ask what im doing nor a gm or a gn! But wen are off days come around that's wen he'll text me & he recently started this habit!

    • oh that sucks

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  • He is fucking someone else.

    • he's never done anything for me to not trust him but i don't appreciate him not texting me during the week!

    • So? you would be surprised how many men act like the perfect men around their partners, but secretly cheat on them, it's very normal because there are people like you who live in fairy land, ad will never believe their man is cheating on them, carry on, good for him.

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