What would make a guy go from friendly to standoffish?

So I'm in a college course with this guy (we were also in a course last term), and early on we had a friendly little conversation that was totally normal and amicable. I figured I had sort of befriended him, so next class I tried talking to him again and he just kind of grunted a response at me. Ever since then I've noticed him turn his head to the side and look at me from the corner of his eye (I sit behind him). The first time I caught him, I blushed and looked away, but now he keeps doing it! I thought we could be friends or whatever, but now I don't know if he is interested in me or maybe I just give him the creeps :( I didn't do anything weird so I don't know why he's acting like this. Please help.
Also add the fact that he fidgets a lot in front of me --- scratches his face, shuffles around, touches his lips. Is he nervous or something?
Anyone else?


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