He always plays badly when I watch? Why? Please help?

I have a good guy-friend who plays baseball, and I go to watch his games sometimes.

He was in the little league world series when he was younger (he's 16 now). He's REALLY good.

The problem is, when I watch him play he never plays well :/
Am I bad luck charm?

Should I just not watch? He always seems to win his games when I'm not there, and looses them when I am.

Please give me advice? (We're in 11th grade now and he has a full ride D1 to a lot of Universities)


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  • I really doubt your presence is affecting the outcome of the game, just coincidence. Has he said anything about it?

    • Just making jokes about how I'm a bad luck charm.

    • So he's joking, that's fine. There's no point in being paranoid about watching the game.

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