I have been nothing but nice to him, so why would he be ignoring my text messages😩😞?

He sent me a text on Monday just saying hey it took me a while to respond because I was working, but when I did respond he ignored me. So the next day I texted him saying "hello, how is your day going"? He ignored me. Then this morning I texted him "good morning I hope you have a great day". No response. He's so hot & cold with me and I can't stand it, when we're together he's kissing & touching me etc, then when we're not together I get ignored. Why? Anytime he text me I always reply, so I just think its rude for him to ignore me for no reason. I haven't heard from him in 2days & I KNOW he has his phone for a fact.


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  • Maybe he's not a texter. Or he doesn't think it's a big deal. Do you know if he has the same behavior with other people? If he does he's not ignoring you. If he doesn't then I guess we can start thinking about him ignoring you, but unfortunately we can never know the reason.

    • So that's an excuse to just ignore someone asking about your day? I guess he's not a caller either because he NEVER calls me. He text me when it's convenient for him tho. Should I text him and just ask him why is he ignoring me because he IS.

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    • Yeah, after those informations I agree with you. Just ignore him either and let him look for you if he wants to.

    • He doesn't have to look for me because I don't want people like that in my life. He's taken my kindness for weakness

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  • Who is he?


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  • Maybe he ain't getting your texts or really hates texting. I find it hard to believe he wouldn't text back "hi" at least.

    • he totally IGNORED ME, like I said he hasn't said anything back to me in 2days

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