Do men fall in love through sex?

Do men fall in love through sex? (Poll question)

Do they realize they love a girl after they've slept with her?
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  • Well, I can't speak for all men, obviously, but I wouldn't even consider sleeping with a girl unless I had feelings for her in the first place, so I'd have to say "no".

    I may not necessarily be ready to proclaim my love for her before having sex, but the act itself won't make me any more likely to, afterwards, either.

    Usually, by the time I've slept with a girl, I'm either in love with her, or well on my way. In that sense, sex is just a natural evolution of a deepening relationship.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Yes they can and do, which is why many of they player types want to leave immediately after sex, because extensive cuddling will lead them (any human being really) to develop emotional feeling for someone, which is what they players do not want.

    This is what many of the nos come from, its not that men are uncaring jerks its just the player types build a wall and take precautions because the do not want to develope feelings for women they are having sex with.

  • No.


    An assumption that she is sexually attracted to me is required.

    And at some point there would need to e evidence supporting that

    And sexual rejection makes me feel unwanted and disconnected in a huge way

  • No. If we did there wouldn't be guys going out with girls only for sex and then ignoring them after they got what they wanted.

  • Noooooooo 😶


What Girls Said 1

  • No, they fall in love through getting to know a girl


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