Can I trust him? Or will he just leave me?

I really like this guy, and having him in my life could be really positive, depending on well his reaction to everything.

I think he knows and understands me in ways that others don't, because he is more aware of stuff in my life.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that I understand the way he's been brought up, and he was always taught to only care about himself, and his future.

I would be dragging him down, because I'm so... not put together.

But whenever I think about home, or whenever I think about whose arms I want to be in right now, I think of that boy.

Can I trust him? I don't even know whether he likes me, but I won't let him in or let him talk to me, because I'm scared he can hurt me.

I know his eyes always say that he cares, but boys are good with playing tricks.

Sometimes all I want to do is hug him really tight and never let go.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm in love with this guy no joke
Any girls have similar experiences to this?


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  • I think you should give it a shot. If he hasn't given you any indicators that he doesn't want you there to "drag him down" then go for it!

    You should think more positively :) don't think you are dragging him down because 9/10 you're not!

    • The thing is I really like him, but I've never wanted him to find out. I've always thought so highly of him, he's smart, he's well-spoken, he's got big dreams.

      I'm a lost soul in comparison.

      The times he's tried to get me to let him in I always freak out thinking he may just be being nice, rather than genuinely liking me or something.

      The last time I saw him I was talking about how I'd cut my friends out of my life for hurting me to my friend, he genuinely looked as though he felt bad for me. I thought he'd be laughing.

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    • @asker was it just like a "happy birthday"? Or did he go above and beyond?

    • Nah just a simple birthday wish.

      I don't know I had a particularly crappy year, and birthday, maybe he realized I had a bit of a crush on him and was just being nice

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